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Unleash your creativity as you sculpt and customize your very own Fluid Bear, adding a unique touch to your collection of artistic creations.

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Fluid Bear Workshop absolute blast!

The Fluid Bear workshop with Host Libby was an absolute blast! With a spacious workspace and all materials provided, diving into the colorful world of fluid art was effortless. Libby’s guidance made the process smooth, and watching the paint flow over the bear model was mesmerizing. A fantastic way to spend an hour—can’t wait to try it again!

~ Lena K.

Pure Fluid Bear Magic

Had an incredible time at the Fluid Bear workshop! The setup was great, with ample space for everyone to work comfortably. Mixing the acrylic paints and watching them cascade over the bear model was pure magic. Libby’s tips and encouragement made the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommend for a fun and creative outing!

~ Mark M.

Fluid Bear Masterpiece

Attended the Fluid Bear workshop and had an an amazing time! The setup was fantastic—each of us had our own workspace and bear model to experiment with. Mixing the acrylic paints and seeing the fluid patterns emerge was so satisfying. Libby’s guidance was invaluable, making the process easy to follow for beginners like me. Can’t wait to showcase my bear masterpiece!

~ Sophie L.